Mauro Sanches - Neon Blue EP

Mauro Sanches is a musician/songwriter from Brazil who decided to start bringing to life his creative stuff by himself. Alone, he could concentrate his mind into his own world, putting all of his energy, thoughts, feelings, and even his soul into his songs. All of this transcendental experience to create some melodies resulted in slower and deeper tunes, more personal and subjective lyrics, and experiments with guitars, percussion, also synthesizers and unusual instruments that makes each song unique. You can expect different sounds (maybe noises) that bring emotion and takes you to a deep travel inside yourself and beyond.

Neon Blue is the reflex of the connection between the experiences and experiments with sounds, mental noises, abstract reveries, feelings, emotions, and epiphany-like dreams and the indie, alternative, folk, psychedelic, and pop influences that surrounded Sanches’ head by the last nine months.
Each track on Neon Blue is got its own personality and talks by itself, leaving any introduction behind.

When I first heard Neon Blue, these songs reminded me of Alex Turner’s Submarine and Bright Eyes but there are some really great guitar and synthesizer sounds that I’ve never heard before. It’s a very original yet easy-to-listen project. It’s a great work for a debut album and even for a consolidated artist. Highlights to the addictive single Neon Blue, which absolutely called my attention and the first track Twenty Minutes.

Track List:

1. Twenty Minutes
2. A Stare Into The Abyss
3. Neon Blue
4. When I look Into The Fire
5. Brother

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