David Bowie - Toy (2011)

Toy is an unreleased album recorded by David Bowie and produced by Mark Plati, tentatively scheduled for release in mid-2001. After performing songs from the earliest days of his career on the tours of 1999 and 2000 David Bowie became enthusiastic about the idea of doing an album with re-recordings of some of these songs. In his online journal on BowieNet, David Bowie revealed that the production and artwork of the album were finished already by early 2001. Three new songs that would fit in with the album's context had also been recorded. But time passed and rumours had it that Bowie's record company Virgin weren't interested in releasing an album full of songs they didn't have the legal rights to. At the end of 2001, Bowie left Virgin to set up his own record label, but the complete Toy album thus far remains unreleased.

David Bowie - Toy Tracklist:
01. Uncle Floyd
02. Afraid
03. Baby Loves That Way
04. Dig Everything
05. Conversation Piece
06. Let Me Sleep Beside You
07. Toy(Your Turn To Drive)
08. Hole In The Ground
09. Shadow Man
10. In The Heat Of The Morning
11. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
12. Silly Boy Blue
13. Liza Jane
14. The London Boys

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